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LOST Predictions

October 29, 2009



I’ve been blogging about some important stuff, so now for something completely unimportant – thoughts on LOST. Warning – if you are still watching last season on dvd, this contains a spoiler or two. And if you have never watched LOST, this will likely make no sense to you. Kathryn and I have been rewatching some old episodes of LOST for a while now, and there are a few things that stand out…

1.   Daniel Farraday’s dedication to wearing the tie. He is on a deserted island, and he hasn’t thought to take it off (yet – I can’t remember if he does). Kathryn brought up a good point – why wear a tie on a mission to land on a desert island? Who is he expecting to meet?

2.   I tried to keep count of how many times Jack has been knocked unconscious. He should have some serious head injury by this point.

3.   Here’s another Jack question – how does he know how to shoot so well? He just keeps picking off people in gunfights. I didn’t know medical school was that extensive.

4.   Also, remember the other survivors of the flight that were on the island? You know, the extras that were always walking around when the main characters are talking? Where did they go? They are still there when the helicopter lands and people start going back and forth to the boat, but then it is like they just vanish.

My theory on the beginning of next season – I think it will begin with an introduction of characters we don’t know much about rather than dealing with Jack and the crew right off. Maybe background on Jacob and the other guy. The explosion Jack caused does not destroy everything, but it does change something, which will somehow keep Jacob from being killed. And Locke is going to have to somehow be alive along the way. Not sure how, but they will figure out a way to get him back. And one character will have the most revealing flashback of all that will allow everyone to be rescued – Vincent. I’m kidding about the last one, although I have been waiting all series for a Vincent flashback. What do you think?

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  1. Trey permalink
    October 30, 2009 12:15 am

    Andrew. Your musings and predictions are spot on, as far as Elisabeth and I are concerned. I’ve wondered the same thing about Jack. Being a gun owner, I actually know how difficult it is to hit a target (with a pistol) that is only 15 feet from you. Jack is deadly from at least 100 feet, through the jungle brush and stuff. He’s awefully destructive for a spinal surgeon.

    We love Daniel. But poor thing, to have to wear that skinny tie and be shot by your own mother on the same show…tough life.

    Locke. If he doesn’t return…LOST will LOSE a large fan base and the show will lose a great haircut. Coming from me…you understand.

    Vincent? We like it. Once we get settled in MJ and buy a home, we’ve talked about getting a “family dog”. If Vincent starts having flashbacks that result in saving an island…I will promise you one thing. We’ll get a golden retreiver and name him prophet andrew.

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