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Community Lunch Audio is Up!

November 2, 2009


I was talking with some friends about our Community Lunch today, and occurred to me that some people might be interested in listening to the audio from that event.

Last Thursday, we had Mike Newton, Professor of International Law at Vanderbilt University with us. He is also a Deacon at the Berry’s Chapel Church of Christ in Franklin, TN, and a friend of Andy Connelly (who recommended him to me). Professor Newton is a graduate of West Point, JAG, and the University of Virginia Law School. He has served more than one Presidential Administration in International Law, and his most high profile role was serving on the tribunal that put Sadaam Hussein on trial. He recently wrote a book entitled Enemy of the State that details his experiences there.

We wanted to plan a lunch where we could invite the entire community, and Professor Newton was the perfect speaker for us. He gave an inspirational message that combined his unique experiences with spiritual principles, and he fielded several questions. We had over 100 there, a majority of whom were guests from the community. We just wanted to send the message to Russellville that we cared about the community and that we plan on being involved in serving them.  Professor Newton arrived early and stayed a long time after the lunch, talking to people and signing copies of his book. All in all, it was a great day for us!

Here is the link to his book –, and here is the link to our church website, where the audio is recorded – Just click on the Media/Resources tab, and you will find the Community Lunch page.

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