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Sunday Night Memories

November 10, 2009

I have always really enjoyed Sunday evening worship services. Some of my favorite memories growing up took place during or after a Sunday evening service at Germantown. I loved the fact at Mount Juliet that so many show up for a Sunday night to worship and stick around to fellowship for a long time after service. The same thing has held true at Crittenden Drive – it is just fun to worship and spend time with each other on a Sunday night.

Last Sunday night, we added to that collection of Sunday night memories. I know I posted about this on facebook, but it was so incredible that I had to put up the details. Our youth group had been to the “Celebration” youth rally at Land Between the Lakes and we knew that two of our young people were thinking about being baptized. At lunch that day, another one of our young people said he wanted to be baptized. An hour before service, another young man decided to do that. A few minutes before service, one of the girls in our youth group made that decision. The exciting thing is that each one had been thinking about it for some time, and each one has a supportive family that has been teaching and encouraging them. 4 are freshmen and 1 is an 8th Grader, and they are going to be a great core group of leaders for our youth group.

We had planned on doing it before service began that evening, since they had just gotten back in town and several family members had come in to be part of it. So, we went ahead and enjoyed being a part of watching these young people become Christians. After the baptisms, we all went up and hugged and congratulated them and enjoyed celebrating these decisions. Our service that was supposed to begin at 5:30, but it didn’t start until 6:10. We decided to have an abbreviated service (since no one could top what just happened). It was one of those nights that reminded us of our purpose as a church family. Young, old, children, adults, everyone was right there, enjoying each other and worshipping God because of what had happened.

Do you have any Sunday night memories to share? Sunday nights can be incredible, and that is one I will always remember!

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