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God’s Work in China

November 9, 2009

We had an awesome weekend, and I will give details later (hopefully tomorrow). Here is something I have been meaning to share for a couple of weeks – 3296655311_b49a19545a

Here’s another cool ministry going on in other parts of the world: The Chinese Agape Foundation. It is a 501c3 organization based in Tennessee, although I think it is overseen by Peachtree City Church of Christ in Georgia. Its specific goal is to care for orphans, perform surgeries for children with cleft palates, club feet, heart problems, and severe burns. They operate on hundreds of children a year. Their website is As the website warns you, some of the pictures of children undergoing survery are graphic depictions of medical procedures, so be prepared for that.

One woman who works with that group as Medical Vice Director is Sherry Si, and she came to Russellville a few weeks ago and talked to our ladies at Crittenden Drive. Kathryn said her passion for the work was obvious, and that 100% of the families that come to America to have one of these surgeries done have become Christians. 100%! They are so overwhelmed by the love of Christians that they are open to hearing about the reason for that love.

She is also a member of the Beijing Church of Christ (you may have seen ads for that congregation during the Olympics). Although I don’t know all the details, apparently the government is still allowing this group to assemble. I just get the feeling that we aren’t far away from alot of major doors opening up in China (some already are), and it will be exciting to see what God does there.

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