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Review of The Epic of God

March 22, 2013


This is long overdue, but I wanted to provide a review of the book Epic of God: A Guide to Genesis by Michael Whitworth. Michael was in school at Freed-Hardeman the same time I was, and we have both served as counselors at Horizons, a summer leadership camp. A couple of months ago, I began reading his book as part of my research for a sermon series I am now preaching on Abraham’s journey of faith. I have found it tremendously helpful. Michael is a talented writer and researcher, and both of those abilities are on display in his book. Here are a few things I appreciate about this resource:


1.   It provides thorough, well-documented research.

It is clear that Michael has done extensive research and interacted with a variety of writers and resources on Genesis. When it comes to a disputed area of the text, he will put different points of view in conversation with each other. While he is always clear about his take on the issue in question, he explores each viewpoint and documents well. That has introduced me to some commentaries that I had not read, and it makes Epic of God a good resource to prompt further study.


2.   It is presented in an easy-to-read format.

Stating that a work is “thorough” or “well-documented” might lead you to believe it would be dense or difficult to understand, but Michael puts this information in an engaging format. He uses a conversational style, makes a few jokes along the way, and gives a fresh approach to the material. This also makes it readable for anyone who might not be that interested in the footnotes.


3.   It contains practical applications.

I like the fact that it doesn’t duck the hard questions (like the meaning of “sons of God” in Genesis 6). Michael clearly states his point of view without being dogmatic on difficult issues like that one. But what I like even more is that he is concerned with how this information applies to us in our context. Each chapter ends with “Talking Points” that would be beneficial for a Bible class study or for sermon preparation. He provides a great balance of research and application.


Okay, I realize that I just made three points. That was not planned. My next blog post will have to be more “inductive” to balance out my “deductive” post today! I do recommend this as an excellent resource for study on Genesis. It is available on Amazon, and you can also access it on E-reader versions. You can find out more at

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