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Aloha Means Hello

April 20, 2010

The last few weeks have been pretty crazy. Here is a quick update –
1. We moved into a house, which meant we could finally get everything out of storage. We had an awesome crew from CD to help us move, and it is nice to be out of our two room apartment (plus kitchen, which made it three). It was a good place to rent, but we are glad to be in a new place. It has an adjustable basketball goal in the driveway which is pretty sweet. Plus, it has a nice backyard, which will require some work but will be fun for Luke. Kathryn’s parents came up to help us paint and work in the house. It had an aboveground swimming pool with a huge deck. The pool is gone, and we are in the process of tearing the deck down. It will be a long process, but it is leaving us with a lot of good lumber. Hopefully, we can use it to build a playhouse for Luke.
2. Kathryn sells Usborne Books, and she has been working hard all year to meet certain quotas, etc. that allowed her to earn a trip to Hawaii. I got to tag along and benefit from her hard work. We went on the Hawaiian cruise last week – it was awesome! We spent a day in Honolulu, two days in Maui, one day in Hilo, one day in Kona, and two days in Kauii. More pictures will come, but here are a few highlights –
– We went to Pearl Harbor, which was amazing. We only had one day on Oahu, and we had to choose between Pearl Harbor and a tour of places used to film LOST. Totally work it to pass on the LOST tour, because Pearl Harbor was incredible. We got to walk through a submarine and go on board the battleship, even though the USS Arizona was closed the day we were there. You could feel the sense that it was a privilege to walk through that site.
– We worshipped with the Maui Church of Christ, which was a real blessing. The people there were so inviting and welcoming. It is always nice to be reminded of how extensive God’s family is across the world.
– We had plenty of shave ice, and I found my favorite place for it – Annie’s in Lahaina. It is right by the huge Banyan tree.
– We watched a sunrise from a volcano crater whose name I can’t spell. Then, we biked down the crater 28 miles, through five eco-systems, several neat little towns and ended at the Pacific Ocean. It was my favorite thing we did. When we had to select helmets, I of course had to specially select an extra large one. The guide told me that I had a “head full of nickels.” Still not sure what that means.
– We went to Volcanoes National Park, and got to see a live volcano up close.
– We went snorkeling at a marine reserve in Kona. It was beautiful, and we saw some amazing fish/coral, etc. They say many of the fish are only found in Hawaii. We also got to see some spinner dolphins on the trip out to the reserve.
– We also saw Waimea Canyon (the Grand Canyon of Hawaii), and it was amazing.
We did a lot of other things, but those were some of the most fun. We have never gone on a trip like that before, and it was a real blessing, especially coming after our big move. I plan on getting back to a regular blogging schedule this week, so there should be more to come.

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