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A Few Links

February 22, 2010

I’ve been doing alot of reading for a class coming up, and I haven’t done much blogging lately. So, I thought I would start back by including some links that might be helpful in ministry.

Matt Dabb’s Bible Class Archives – I took some grad school classes with Matt Dabbs, and he is putting together an online archive of Bible Classes. I thought I would pass the word along; I think he has already had several contributions for what should be a very valuable resource.

Love In Stereo – Some friends are putting together an awesome website/organization that is doing some really neat things. They have shirts for sale that benefit Son Light Children’s Home in Haiti, interviews with bands and other organizations doing great things, and there is more to come. You will definitely want to check this out.

Morgue File – A good source for pictures for powerpoint and keynote presentations, etc.

Robert Clinton’s Website – Author of several books on spiritual leadership and developing your giftedness, he has a lot of interesting things to say on the subject. Some of the articles are very technical, but others are more readable and practical.

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