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2009 Parting Thoughts

December 31, 2009

I’ve taken a break from blogging for the past few days, as we have traveled alot, visited family, and we’re now in catch-up mode. Other than a Christmas Eve Day in the ER (Luke had bronchitis, and the ER was the only place we could take him to get a breathing treatment), it has been a great holiday. Luke now has more toys than ever, and I got some awesome gifts from family members. Here are a few random, bloggish type thoughts.

1.  Movies – Whenever we have time with grandparents (free babysitting), we try to catch a movie. We saw Blindside in Memphis, and enjoyed it. It is a great story, aside from the acting done by SEC coaches. Also, Michael Oher played for Briarcrest, which was my high school’s arch-rival. In the movie, they play a team whose mascot is the Lions (our mascot), is located in the same city, and is a fierce rival. Of course, the fans of this team are portrayed as bigoted and not too bright. I’m sure this was just meant to be a composite of all the negative attitudes he faced, but it was hard not to take it personally. We also saw Sherlock Holmes, which was surprisingly good. It is true to the old Holmes stories with a storyline that initially sounds like the plot of a horror movie. While there wasn’t much language in it, it was pretty dark and violent at times.

2.   University of Memphis Basketball – Even though they just lost to UT, I feel like Pastner is really getting alot out of his team. They’ve got great recruits for next year, and I’m not sure what we can legitimately expect under this year’s circumstances. I think he’s doing the best job that could be done. If they win C-USA play, they can make the tournament, but that will probably be the only way they make it in. Of course, if there is any way they can be paired up with UK in the bracket, they will be. I also hate the fact that we can’t watch a game without seeing a list of all the recruits who left. Calipari almost had the two best freshmen in college basketball in Memphis. Ah well. Maybe my new year’s resolution should be to stop talking about these lost recruits. Or Rose’s SAT. Or losing our coach. Or forfeiting our Final Four appearance. Surely I can stop talking about all those things.

3. Our Congregation’s Theme for 2010 –  We’re calling it “Hands for the Harvest,” based on Matthew 9:38, where Jesus talks about praying for harvest laberors. Farming is a major business in Russellville, so the “harvest” theme will resonate with many. We are going to accept the challenge of praying that prayer throughout the year, in some exciting ways we will officially unveil on Sunday morning. I’ll post some of our plans on Monday. We’re looking forward to what God will do!

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