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Sudan Mission Work

December 7, 2009

Here’s another mission effort to keep in your prayers.

Much has been written in books and depicted in movies about the Lost Boys of Sudan, and while we might not know many details, most of us know something about the wars that have ravaged the area. Don Humphrey, a friend and member at the Mount Juliet Church of Christ, began working with an excitng ministry effort in Sudan recently. Don has a lot of experience in many areas of ministry, and he is working with the Sunset School of Biblical Studies to establish a ministry training school in Sudan. There are already men over there preaching the word and converting huge numbers of people. They are setting up congregations and doing a great deal of good.

As you can imagine, these young  Christians need training, as well as resources we take for granted, like Bibles. Don’s work, which is overseen by the Mount Juliet Church of Christ, is helping them get access to those resources. They are also establishing a kindergarten (part of the agreement with the government to establish humanitarian aid in exhange for being allowed to be there). They are also partnering with Healing Hands to help show the Sudanese drip irrigation techniques, which should greatly help the area. In short, I am really looking forward to seeing how God uses this ministry in the future. If you would be interested in participating in some way (anything from monetary gifts to donations of Bibles, communion ware, etc.), check out this website. – Even if you can’t participate, check it out!

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