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A Personal Tradition Continues

November 16, 2009

This weekend, I had a great time at the Bible Teacher Symposium at Harding University. It was a Saturday of 5 different 45 minute training sessions for teachers. The only regret I had is that I couldn’t attend some of the other class sessions – I plan to order the recordings of a few. I was originally pretty nervous about what I would talk about for 45 minutes, but we had a great group of about 10-15 each time, and we had some good discussion that got everyone involved. I plan to post the notes from each session weekly for the next few weeks (so that no one gets burned out trying to read them all at once). Dad, Mom, and Beth came down for a couple of the sessions, and for lunch. It was really good to see them, and I appreciated the fact that they drove all the way down. The Church and Family division at Harding is putting together some neat events, and I think they have a weekend seminar for youth ministers/volunteers in the Spring. Plus, all my classes were in the “Arkansas Room,” which was kind of fitting since that’s where I was born (the state, not the room itself).

I enjoyed being on Harding’s campus again – I have a lot of memories from Uplift growing up and I try to make it there for lectureships when I can. One thing that seemed to always happen at Uplift is that I would leave something there by accident. Towels, clothes, Bibles – for some reason my forgetfulness (which is often present) seems to intensify in Searcy. I am still pretty sure that 3 of my Bibles from 7th-12th Grade are floating around that campus somewhere. Apparently, I decided to continue that tradition this trip. As I was packing up, I disconnected my laptop from the projector, began wrapping my cord up to put it away, and then someone asked me a question. I stopped to answer them, and then another person came up. I inadvertantly placed my power cord on top of all the recording equipment cords, and it must have blended in with everything. I realized at about 6:30 am on Sunday morning what I had done. 

It is amazing all that has affected – printing off the Sermon Bulletins, editing copies of my sermons and Bible classes for my notes, checking my calendar, editing my powerpoints before service, and general computer stuff during the day. Hopefully, the power cord will be on its way tomorrow, and I was able to use previously saved copies of the above on Sunday. Still, it was just frustrating, and I have no one to blame but myself. I was upset about it and how it was going to throw off my productivity this week, and then I met with someone who is studying the Bible, asking great questions, and wanting to grow. I was reminded of what really matters, and it was a reminder I really needed.

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