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The Principle of the Path

November 4, 2009

I just got done reading Andy Stanley’s latest book, entitled “The Principle of the Path.” The premise of the book sounds deceptively simple: he sets out to prove that when you go down a path, you will end up wherever the path leads. I know, it sounds revolutionary. The book reflects his35045688 speaking style – focusing on a concept that is simple to understand but difficult to live out.

We are studying Proverbs on Wednesday nights, and as you might imagine, Stanley explores several of the Proverbs in discussing wise decisions. His lead off story about driving down an unfinished road and almost ending up in a swamp provided a great illustration for our class – 

“…If we had, in fact, driven through the next set of barricades into a swamp, we would have done so for two reasons. And neither has anything to do with IQ, education, goals in life, net worth, looks, or church attendance. We would have ended up in the swamp because that’s where the road led and that was the road we chose.

                Anyone, regardless of race, creed, color, or sex, would have ended up in the same place had they chosen that stretch of highway. It didn’t dead-end in one place for one kind of person and somewhere else for another kind. That unfinished stretch of highway was no respecter of persons. Everybody got the same treatment. And that’s true of every highway, freeway, driveway, or path. It leads where it leads, regardless of who’s on it.”

Good, practical stuff. Makes you think twice about where you are headed.

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