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You Can Build Anything With Legos

October 4, 2009


I was forwarded this link recently of a “Lego Church Building.” Amy Hughes is the architect of this huge project, which took her a year and a half to build. She named it the “Abston Church of Christ” (in the FAQ section, she makes it pretty clear that she chose the name at random, and it is not associated with what many of us think of when we hear the term “Church of Christ”) and she dedicated it to her cat. The above picture is the exterior shot, and there are plenty more photos on her site – This will actually be an illustration in tomorrow morning’s message (my first illustration constructed by legos), and it reminded me how much I enjoyed legos growing up. Although, I don’t think I enjoyed them as much as Amy Hughes does.

In other news, the yearly festival for Logan County is underway. I ran in the Jesse James 5K today and finished 3rd in my age group…of 4 people. But, I got an official trophy (from Trophies To Go, Russellville’s own trophy shop). Luke went to the Kiddie Parade today and got to play games and draw with sidewalk chalk. Tonight, they had a movie in the newly refurbished downtown theater. It was a western about, you guessed it, Jesse James. We are home to one of the first banks he robbed. There is a fishbowl that has a bullet hole in it from the robbery, and it was made into a weather vane that is on the roof of the courthouse. Next weekend is the big one, with all the major festivities. I will be experiencing it as a true Kentuckian, with official Kentucky plates and a Kentucky driver’s license. According to my new plates, I now have “Unbridled Spirit.” I feel better already.

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